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Exterior Painting in Your Interiors? Is It Possible?

When it’s time to give your home a fresh coat of paint, you might wonder if that extra can of exterior paint you have in the garage could be used for an indoor project. After all, paint is paint, right? So can you use exterior paint inside? Not exactly. While both interior and exterior paints are designed to provide coverage and color, their formulations differ significantly to accommodate the varying conditions they’re expected to withstand.

Can You Use Exterior Paint Inside in Easley, SC

Why Not?

Exterior paints are specifically crafted to handle harsh weather conditions, resist fading from UV light, and stand up against mold and mildew. They contain additives that improve durability but can also lead to potential issues when used indoors. So, what happens if you decide to use exterior paint inside your living spaces?


The short answer is no; it’s not recommended to use exterior paint inside your home. The primary reason for this is the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in exterior paints. These VOCs are released as the paint dries and can continue to emit fumes for an extended period. Indoor air quality can drastically decrease as a result, possibly leading to health concerns such as headaches, dizziness, or respiratory issues.

Are There Other Reasons?

Besides health considerations, another vital aspect of using the right type of paint pertains to performance. The robust formulation of exterior painting may prove detrimental indoors where its strong odor and slow drying times can disrupt daily life. Plus, with less need for weather-resistant properties inside your home, you’d be over-applying when a simpler interior paint would suffice.

What to Do With It Instead?

If you’re faced with leftover exterior paint after a house revamp or mistakenly purchased the wrong type, consider using it for outdoor furniture or storage sheds instead – places where its protective qualities will be beneficial rather than a burden.

Can You Use Exterior Paint Inside in Easley, SC

Can You Use Exterior Paint Inside?

If you’re still wondering if can you use exterior paint inside, the best answer is no. To know the best painting products to use for both your interior and exterior surfaces in Easley, SC, turn to Vv Painting LLC. Dial (864) 551-6833 to book our services now!